How to send a Legal Notice?

When you decide to take legal action, one of the first steps involved, is sending a legal notice to warn the offender of his/her intentions when a specified condition was not complied upon as agreed, when the contract was signed between both the parties. 

Legal notice will enumerate the civil and penal consequences if the rights and claims of the aggrieved party were not fulfilled.

Please note Summons and Notices sent via instant messaging applications like WhatsApp / Facebook are admissable in court. 

Ozg Lawyers Services for a Legal Notice -

Issuing a Legal Notice is simply a click away. Once, your request for same will be received by us over recorded calls or online. Then with in very few minutes, support team at 'Ozg Documentation Centre' will create the legal notice draft and send it to you on WhatsApp to review and confirmation. Further, you can track the progress on our 24/7 support platform. 

Why Ozg Lawyers?

Ozg is an established name in legal world. We provide easy access to smart lawyers and legal support team to fulfill all your legal requirements. 

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