Ozg™ is a reputed name in legal world. At Ozg Documentation Centre, we offer you tech-enabled legal documentation solutions in association with large no. of experts at all the major cities. 


Ozg was founded at London in 2006 with a small group of senior legal experts and practitioners. In 2011, we have started backend office in Mumbai and few other cities.


Ozg works by the principle of Project Management and for each project it gathers a highly qualified team of experts.


Ozg Documentation Services help you to reduce extra workload, increase productivity, and manage documentation risk while cutting down costs. Our efficient handling of your documentation is an user-friendly and highly secure in nature, and our adherence to industry best practices ensures all your documents are prepared on time while ensuring 100% accuracy and compliance.


You can track the progress on your work at our 24/7 support platform.

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